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I think part of the solution lies within the family structure.
I couldn't agree more with that statement.

Family values are going downhill quickly, because parents are having to work more hours to make ends meet, and everyone is too into technology. There isn't as much family time in the average household these days, and that can have a huge mental impact on a kid when they have problems and there are no parents to listen or help.

Not only that, most kids these days get the wrong idea about guns if they weren't brought up around them. I don't think it has as much to do about video games as it does the media. If they were never brought up around guns then all they know about them is what the media has told them, or maybe what their parents have seen and told them. They get told that they are a device used to committ mass murder and a device that gets you all over the

Just my opinion, but I think part of what we could do to solve this problem is not only better family values, but children need to be taught what a gun is all about, at an appropriate age of course.
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