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Because you've 'been shooting 25 years', does not necessarily make you a safe gun handler. I have seen this a lot, both as an NRA Basic Pistol instructor and an RSO, -- I also run a weekly trap program at our club where I have seen more than a couple of careless 'old timers' cover the guys waiting on the bench, while carelessly swinging their shotguns around, -- kind of amusing though to see six or seven guys yelling and ducking for cover.

If you are always aware of your muzzle - and never let it cover anything you don't want to destroy, and if you always check a firearm to see if it is loaded or not, and if you always keep your finger off the trigger until your ready to shoot, and if you always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction -
you may be a safe shooter. There are other rules that MUST ALWAYS be followed. Even if no one is watching. Familiarity breeds carelessness - never take your firearm, or your wife, for granted. Be safe, & be SURE your safe.
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