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I agree they are acting out in different ways than the past. Unfortinately in more destructive ways...

Individuals that are struggling with life, especially our teens and children, when they reach the end of their rope…. They are now very aware there is a way to make a statement against the society that would not accept or cater to them. They have a point to make, and we will listen and help them become who they want to be or it will happen again. With or without guns but they certainly will pick the easiest route....

I think part of the solution lies within the family structure. Not too long ago there was nothing else to do but watch TV on a few channels on the one TV in the house. Even with an hour of I Love Lucy, families participated together. Now, there is a TV in every room with hundreds of channels, computers, phones, tablets with endless media and information, games that consume the entire mind with participation, and drugs to help you with your depression instead of family time… all can be used for good, but also all requiring no interaction with others can be a set up for the worse. This recipe is set for disaster and needs to be fixed.

Maybe this is why nobody knew what the killer was capable of, or about to do.
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