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Of your listings, I recommend the S&W Shield. My neighbor has it in 40S&W and I like! I would expect the 9mm to be as good.

The Ruger LC9 would not be on my list. I personally hate the safety arrangements on that handgun. Ruger had a great thing with the LCP but I think they screwed the pooch with the LC9 IMHO.

If you wish to expand your list I recommend the Walther PPS. I used to carry a S&W M&P 9 c (compact) but switched to the Walther PPS. I made the switch before I ever heard of the shield and have no regrets. The PPS holds fewer rounds than the shield but as my CPL legal counsel stated, "if you need more than 6 rounds, you walked into the wrong alley." The M&P9c is a pretty much permanent fixture in my car door map pocket.
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