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I ride an '85 Honda GoldWing. The bike itself is supposed to be 900 pounds but with "stuff" in the saddle bags it's easily pushing 1K.

You haven't experienced exploding targets? They are about 2 inches by 2 inches square with a red bullseye in the middle and an adhesive backing. If you hit the red part (even with a .22 LR) the taget blows up like a loud firecracker. Pretty good for ruining whatever it is stuck to.

I should have plenty of room to bring whatever I need on the bike. I won't be bringing the selection I took out to Advanced Bullets (damn near emptied the safe for that one) but I can fit at least 4 pistols in a case that fits in a saddlebag.

So far it looks like a Sunday might be OK. Hope we get some more input there.

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