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Scope problems

I have a Bushnell scope, Trophy XLT DOA 600 3x9-40mm which I use on my Remington 700SPC Varmint 22-250.
The gun was sighted in and performing well until I jarred it while placing my gun in the back of my SUV. Fearing it may have caused the scope to be out of alignment I have made several attempts to re-sight only to be getting inconsistent shot placement even using a Caldwell Lead Sled. If bullet placement is on for elevation and I adjust for windage the next shot is significantly off for both. The next time it will be in the opposite direction. I can not seem to get consistent results. Other people who shoot consistently have since tried my gun only to get the same inconsistent performance.
The scope is under warranty but will take 6-8 weeks to be repaired if in fact it is the scope and not something else. I don't want to be without it for that length of time as the gun has not open sights and it will curtail my coyote hunting. Some say to take it out of the mounts, re-install and sight in again while some say to tap the scope barrell which I am afraid to do.
Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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