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I don't have a picture but I once shot nine out of ten shots into 1.5" at 100 yds with open sights using a Browning Buckmark. This was at a Region 1 shoot and the targets were rifle silhouette chicken targets for shoot-off. I missed the first chicken and couldn't adjust my sight fine enough so I "tweeked" my Merit Aperature and proceeded to run nine in a row. I was shooting in the Creedmoor position. This was in front of a lot of witnesses and was written up in the Silhouette mag back then. Standing I could keep everything inside three inches at 50 yds with a Buckmark shooting steel plates in timed fire at team challenge matches. I used to own two revolvers custom made by Davis that would shoot ten full power 357 loads into one inch at 50 yds off bags. Age has taken its toll on my eyesight. Can't do so well anymore but I'm still not too shabby.
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