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Well Regulated

Had a discussion today with a company representative in the workplace. We were talking gun rights, and he was of the opinion that the people do not need ARs. Somewhat common, if incorrect, idea. No sense preaching to the choir. When he brought up the Second Amendment, specifically the militia, we began talking about the definition of militia as decided by the Supreme Court. His question was what constitutes 'well regulated'? He agreed that we were the militia, but since we were not regulated by any means, it wouldn't protect "any random nutjob [who owns an evil rifle]." We all know that it was ruled that the people are allowed to bear common arms, but I cannot recall a definition of the term "well regulated."

My internet searching brought up several sites that attempt to convey the founders intent, but I was attempting to find something official on the matter, if there is such a thing. We changed the subject when we realized we were of differing opininos, but I'd like to find an answer for my own, as well as for future discussions. My question is this: Is there an official definition of "well regulated"? Thank you for any help you can offer.

Just do me a favor and remember that I am pro-gun. I write my senators just like the rest of you and donate where and when I can afford to. Not trying to start an argument, just trying to educate myself further on the matter.
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