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Crosssbreed supertuck

I've been using the crossbreed supertuck for over two years. After the initial break-in you really don't notice it. The breaking period is perhaps more the use getting used to something on their hip as it is softening the leather.

I live in South Texas, it's always humid here. I selected the horsehide due to this, it was a good choice. Maybe it's not as pretty, who cares' it's hidden.

Many people like the CompTac MTAC. I've never tried one. It seems good and I would not hesitate to buy one of these.

I notice the new Beretta Nano has a new holster that looks remarkably like the Cross breed supertuck. interesting...

Whatever your choice, buy a good gun belt. I like the belts from the beltman, I own several, they are now the only belts I own, I will never purchase an inferior belt again.

good luck.
-Be Free
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