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Without specific brand name information, you will get generic information. Your rifle is a Mauser 98 sporter built on an FN Mauser 98 action. You have a very solid rifle. How does it shoot?

There were many rifles like this sold during the 1950s-1970s, made by FN, Husqvarna, Sako, Mauser, etc, in Europe on the same machinery used to make military rifles before WW2. Some were private branded (Western Field, Foremost, JC Higgins) others were sold under major manufacturers' names (High Standard, Marlin, Browning). In general, they are entry-level rifles (although some were quite nicely made and well-stocked), built on a very solid action, and were marketed to people looking for hunting rifles. They were generally priced about 25% below what a comparable US-made rifle would sell for. As the countries where these were made recovered fully from the economic effects of WW2, the prices rose to the point where they had to compete head to head with more modern, easier to manufacture designs and they were dropped from seller's offerings.
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