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Even the CMP has been hit hard in the ammo department. They are out of 22 ammo, and started limiting the '06 ammo. They just came out with this Sales Newsletter Yesterday.
Interesting. I put in an order for a case of .22 and a couple cans of HXP last week. I knew the .22 was a ways out, but the limits on HXP are new. But then, last I checked there is still military spec .30-06 available from other vendors; it hasn't sold as fast as 5.56.

As for demand remaining steady, my thinking is that there's still plenty of demand at the lower pre-panic prices (or even slightly higher retail prices), but the folks willing to pay $1500 or more for an $800 rifle seem to be drying up fast. As the specter of a ban begins to fade people are willing to spend the time to wait instead of spending the money to have it immediately.
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