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There is troubling language in Section 5 on Background Checks at the end of the bill.

(t)(1) requires all transfers of grandfathered weapons to go through FFLs. Transfers to family members are not excluded.

(t)(2) provides an exclusion for "a temporary transfer of possession for the purpose of participating in target shooting in a licensed target facility or established range" but does not define the terms for those locations.

(t)(3) partially defines the term 'transfer' as: "(A) shall include a sale, gift, or loan; and (B) does not include temporary custody of the grandfathered semiautomatic assault weapon for purposes of examination or evaluation by a prospective transferee."

The concept of requiring background checks for temporary transfers of possession is very disturbing, particularly when there is even a special exception for holding a gun you are considering buying.
That Section troubled me as well... If there is an exclusion for a temporary transfer for target shooting on a licensed target facility or established range, then the inference is that there is NO exclusion if you are not on a licensed facility or established range. Want to let your granddaughter shoot a few rounds into the back of the pond dam on your piece of rural land? Congratulations, you are a felon! Want to loan your son an AR for his first deer hunt? Felon.
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