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But I also like the idea of the 2 leather straps with snaps instead of the clip, just because I think they might be easier to fasten than the clips, which I always seem to have a bit of trouble with.

I think that replies who are giving advice on retention straps might re-visit the OP's posting: He is specifically describing the use of leather straps as opposed to clips for attachment of the holster to the belt, not for retention of the handgun into the holster. RTFQ, RTFA as my physics professor used to say.

I carried a full sized 1911 for two decades in a Milt Sparks Summer Special, which used this method. It was entirely satisfactory in every regard.

I now carry in a hybrid holster, very similar to the KHolster, made by a local maker in Milwaukee (while I waited, actually... ). It has proven to be more than entirely satisfactory. It is more comfortable and more stable than the Summer Special ever was. It uses the standard clips, and they have been just fine. This hybrid style of holster (leather paddle and Kydex retention) has really become the gold standard for CCW.

If anyone near Milwaukee needs leather, I strongly suggest Brew City Holsters. The owner is a Milwaukee LEO, is a good guy, and does good work FAST. I literally dropped off my Kahr at 09:00, ran errands for two hours, and came back to pick up the holster. He has a website that is under construction, but google it and you can find the placeholder site that does have his email address. I am perfectly satisfied.


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