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There's only one Droid, too, so it should be a fair fight.

I can whip that Droid with my best coding arm tied behind my back.

Honestly, it is the shear size of the app. It is all I can do to take care of the code for iOS. The app is seriously large.

There is no such application for Android /reloading/guns/targets log/, so you can be the first.
I have tried Gun Tracker, Reloading Ballistics, RangeLog, but they are years behind you.
Good luck!
My brother wants me to go the next level and make a serious reloading/hand loading app.

Gun Log and Gun Log SPC combined do not make a lot of money. It is a hobby, a service, and an income that pays for some computer hardware every three years, and has paid three rifles and a pistol, and ammo. After taxes the money is all gone. Point is, I only get to work on this a few hours a week, when I am not at my day job, or changing the oil in my truck, or fighting a drippy faucet, or whatever else everyday life brings.

p.s. I have been spending the vast majority of my free time studying anything and everything to do with possible weapons bans, magazine bans, and such. I have emailed my representatives many many times, attended the state capitol march last month, and continuously keep the conversation alive on facebook, with friends, and neighbors. Last night I even emailed the President. Just wanted him that I didn't believe that most gun owners agree with him, because I haven't met one yet that does.
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