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I have one of these. Works like a charm!

Good luck!
I looked and it says it clamps to the top of the receiver. So there is no drilling or tapping involved ? How long have you had yours mounted ? Have you had any problems at all with this mount ?
I am getting old, and my memory is getting hazier. I have probably had it on more than five years, but less than ten years. I put it on a Government Target model that was not drilled and tapped so that I could mount a red dot sight. I have had no issues.

It clamps on the upper receiver. You can slide it on from the barrel end. The mount is aluminum, so it shouldn't mar the steel. I'll admit I have not had it off since I mounted it, so I can't vouch for what is going on underneath. It does not interfere with disassembly.

I don't know if this is a feature, or a coincidence. You can still use the iron sights by peeking through the clamp-on base. It is a dark tunnel, so you may need to really concentrate, but you can do it.

I'll try to remember to take pictures tonight.

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