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My understanding is once alloyed, it is impossible to UN-alloy metals with what we no

From what I read online last night about lead smelting on an industrial scale, I think I agree with you. Looks like un-alloying is out of reach for the average joe casting shop that most of us run out of our garages and outbuildings.

I've been shooting up some round balls that I cast myself back in the fall and it's about time to do another casting run, I'm out of conicals too. I've got 15lbs of lead that is supposed to be plumbers lead and soft (right now its in the fish ingot form waiting for the casting pot) and I've also got probably 20lbs of harder stuff that has a mystery metal alloyed with it...dude first told me it was pure and then changed the story when I cast some round balls that couldn't be rammed into a 58 remmy chamber. I've been casting the harder stuff into rifle bullets with a "lee modern target design minie bullet mold" I picked up at cabelas, and they shoot good so I think I'll just make me a good supply of rifle slugs for the old inline. Since I shoot the revolver more than the rifle I was just wondering if it was even possible to soften up lead somehow.

I might be willing to trade some of the harder/impure lead I have for pure lead, if anyone is interested PM me and we can work something out.
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