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I've owned one Taurus. It was a .357 revolver and I liked it.. until it jammed. I'm not up on revolver terminology, but the piece you push to eject spent shells became loose while I was shooting. The cylinder was caught half way between shots and I couldn't get it open or rotate it to the next shell to fire it. The specific details on how I finally got it out I can't remember (this was back in 2006, 2007), but it took about 45 minutes.

It really ruined me on Taurus and revolvers of all types. I'd rather have to deal with a semi-auto pistol's jam anyday of the week. The only reason I bought it was because supposedly revolvers don't jam and are more reliable than semis. I sold it as soon as possible.
The Jeep has been a lot of fun, but time to come back to my first hobby.. shooting.
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