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Pretty much all those plastic tipped hunting bullets are the same. And the same can be said for lead tipped Spitzer type S.P. bullets as well. For your application OP there is no down side to using either bullet as you said both bullets weigh the same and are boat tailed. For your information. I found 150 gr. or 180 Flat based bullets gave the best results in accuracy when used in my 30-06. For some unknown reason I could never get 165gr B.T.s to shoot up to my standards of accuracy I expected to see from them. (But then at that time I shot a semi-auto carbine with a short 16-1/4" barrel which are indeed picky about what they prefer in bullet weight and powder selection.)

I have used Game Kings in my 270 in the past and have always been please with them. "Never got any complaints from the deer I've harvested with them."_ Sorry I don't have any experience with SSTs. Reason being: for quite a few years now my primary go to bullet has been the Nosler Ballistic Tip for my 270 & 25-06. Then again for my 32 Special I cast my own bullets for that one. Once you feel you've Mastered the reloading part. You got to get into casting Sir. That's where one suffers with a case of bewilderment usually. It all fun no matter. Isn't that right?

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