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Maybe the higher rates of antidepressants with teens or anyone is the symptom of the breakdown. How many violent teens parents are on prescription meds? I keep wondering how the killers mom did not know what he was capable of? How come the killers friends did not know what he was capable of? How is it possible no one knew, how come no-one questioned a thing...

Good point. You won't see the media questioning why these seeminly senseless rampages seem to have one common denominator and it's not guns, the people committing these horrible acts have used knives, bow and arrows and other weapons besides firearms. The media is a bussiness and makes it's money from advertisments, (commericals) nothing wrong with that, but, their not going to bite the hand that feeds them and it's not in their best interest to question or accuse the drug companys (huge advertising dollars) like they accuse gun companys (little to no advertising dollars). Firearms manufactures don't advertise on television. To throw up our hands and say it's just an unslovelable mystery, a sign of the times, we'll never know, is wrong. There is a reason, and examining the common denomanators of these events is how it will come to light. Drugging our children to get them to behave is just wrong. I'm not trying to scapegoat anyone or thing. But I want to examine all possibilities and only then will the truth come out, and I will accept the truth. This is too important to brush under the rug and hope it will go away, it won't, it will happen again if we don't get to the bottom of it.
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