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I live in Virginia and have not deer hunted with a shotgun. I know several that do though. None use 00 buck, I believe they use #4 Buck. I have seen two deer shot at about 15 yards or so with that load. Both were killed in the air, absolutely dead right there. Just a few leg quivers when they hit the ground as they tried to leap a logging road. Perhaps a second or so apart running at full speed. My friend was using a standard Browning A-5, I have no idea what choke it was. I was hunting with a rifle and witnessed this. I Know without a doubt that I would have been unable to hit those deer leaping the road. Perhaps it was a fluke but it sure looked effective. I suspect he's killed 50 or more deer with a shotgun and #4 Buck. I believe #4 has twenty one 25 caliber pellets. Lightning would not have killed those deer quicker. It's like shooting a deer with 21 rounds out of a .22 rifle instantaneous. Remington 3" magnum has 41 pellets at 1225 FPS.

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