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Originally Posted by brianidaho View Post
I'm going to keep my eyes open for a G20. Sounds like a good fit for my needs. Decent round, good capacity and light enough to be readily packable. Oh, and not priced to break the bank, doesn't hurt a thing.
It sounds to me like you really want a Glock 20 and are justifying the purchase as a wilderness packing gun.
If you can except the limitations below.

1-10mm is way underpowered for bear but plenty good for puppies and kitties. I had friends & coworkers that were charged by big bears when I lived in AK. They tell me that no gun will seem big enough. If you pack the 10mm in Griz country make sure you carry pepper spray as well.

2-A really good wilderness pistol can also take small game at close range (shot shell loads). Does anybody make these for 10mm? Would you be able to make them yourself? Think... I got lost, weathered in or injured and I'll be out here longer than expected scenario. There is plenty of water but some chow would be nice... Oh look, grouse :-)

3-Magazine capacity is irrelevant, reliability is paramount and penetration is a must if you opt to not carry pepper spray. You will not be surrounded by a zombie wolf horde. Although that'd be a cool movie.

If those limitations are acceptable go for it.

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