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How about if we take one part "Presumed innocent until proven guilty",and one part "Shall not be infringed",add one part"Guns don't kill people,people kill people"Blend.

Sip and ponder this.

Suppose to buy a gun or vote,maybe even to buy beer,you show your drivers liscense,card gets swiped,mag strip gets read.....

How about,instead of a newspaper posting names and addresses of lawful gun owners,violent and prohibited people are a matter of public record?

No,you cannot vote.You cannot be served alchohol.You cannot buy a gun.You made death threats on MySpace.You got drunk and beat your wife,etc.

That puts the burden where it belongs.And if,as a prohibited person,you attempt to purchase a firearm,law enforcement is notified.

For us law abiding citizens,we do not require permission or approval.
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