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First off if I'm in bear country and there's a good possibility of an encounter nothing in the handgun world will top a long gun for defending yourself. My .338 WinMag BAR would give me a sense of well being in the event of a grizzly or black bear. While a 10mm, 44 Mag, 41 Mag, or a .45 Super would make decent backup weapons a good rifle will save the day. That and Bear Spray will give you adequate protection unless you are unfortunate enough to startle the bear in which case you're not going to have but an instant to respond. As for cats and canines I'd feel comfortable with my AR in 6.8SPCII. Coyote have been involved in several recorded human attacks with a couple involving predation... like getting eaten predation. Any pistol from .22WMR on up will take care of the canines and cats, but not the bears until you get into the largest of the semi autos and revolvers. I'd have a rifle handy in bear country. JMHO
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