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More background

A little more info on my ask... I may be frequenting a state I do not have a ccw for (and likely could not get) and I will not be able to avoid areas that I would deem unsafe and that offer limited escape paths. Therefore I am looking for recommended weapons, beyond my brain, wits etc.. As previously said I am situationally aware and have some formal training and experience in these situations (mostly with handguns), I am an ex-marine and have had more then my share of bar room brawls and street fights. I know to look for every object I can possibly turn into a weapon, but having one in my grasp, that I am familiar with is beneficial. Certainly knives and pens rise to the top of my list, but I am no expert w either. Are there better ones then others? Specifically knives, I want something small, easily concealable that can be put into action quickly and effectively.
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