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Originally Posted by TennJed
Not sure why you think I am ignoring anyone. I am neither a fanboy or a basher. I have had limited experience with them and wanted to see how the poll numbers shook out with people tha have owned them and had problems vs no problem. You can obviously choose the option for owned with problems. If you notice there is no option for love them either. I guess by your reasoning I have ignored that large group of people. Your "ignorance is bliss" comment is misguided.

I am simply looking for numbers on how many people have owned and had problems vs no problem. The people like yourself that hate them can feel right at home on the last option.
My original question (which you ignored) was directed at you.
The comment you quoted was directed at James K.
"Such is the strange way that man works -- first he virtually destroys a species and then does everything in his power to restore it."
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