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For those of you that carry multiple knives: Is the plan to use more than one at a time? Having been in a fight or two - though thankfully never one involving knives - it seems like keeping a hand free to grab your attacker with would be a good thing. It also seems like having something sharp attached to both hands at the same time is just asking to cut yourself.
No, I don't plan on using them at the same time. The punch dagger around my neck is really a last ditch weapon. If my right arm is immobilized or if my pocket knife is knocked away is when it would come into play. It (the dagger) is unsuitable for cutting or slashing. It is only intended to stab. Driven into the solar plexus, groin, or throat, it would create a pretty bad wound. Obviously, it (any knife, for that matter) can only be used in a situation where deadly force is authorized.
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