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I have an actual walking base pin. I have gotten through a couple cylinders so far without having to shove the base pin back home, but a couple is "two", and at 100 rounds in and 6 rounds per cylinder, the other 14 times I have lit off a cylinder full I have had to push the base pin home at least once.

I have had the base pin out twice for sure, cleaned the snot out of it both times and have had a good look at the base pin latch. I think the plunger part of the latch is coming over far enough it ought to be holding the pin just fine if all the dimensions are correct, my latch comes out just a touch over 50% of the way across the hole the base pin goes through. Eyeball estimated just over 50%, I don't have a tool for that one.

I have an email in to Kyle.

Tried some car wax, Mother's brand, it was in the garage. Can't hurt the grip frame, if it burns off quick or ugly I will post up.

I'll think about a liquid degreaser if the old factory oil just won't let up. I figure it isn't really hurting anything, so I am less than anxious to undo the factory torque on all those screws and find whatever little pieces I drop on the floor - my first SA in a while. I am sure many of you can break one down in your sleep.

Thanks for the input folks.
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