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Honestly I just pack my Blackhawk in .41 mag as a backup, I carry bear spray which is my first choice.

Our wolves haven't yet attacked any adults, I don't know if any children have even been threatened. Pop over Fernan Saddle and you're into Grizzly country but they are few and far between. Biggest threat is those moose, especially in fall and if you are up on the Coeur D'Alene or St. Joe rivers they are pretty thick and can get mean. A handgun won't do much to stop a charge, I don't even know if the bear spray would work, they can get crazed.

I was mid stream on the little North Fork a couple years ago and heard some bushes breaking behind me over the water, 12-15 yards behind me a cow and calf were crossing the river. The cow looked at me, decided I was no threat, and moved one with the calf in tow. With my back to them and my hands full of rod and line, nothing would have helped that close. Point is, you can analyze this 50 ways but out in the wild nothing will go to plan.

Lot's of people up in those mountains during the summer, I'd guess 90% don't even carry. They all seem to make it out OK. Our bear density is nothing like Montana.
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