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For my CZ75, I have 3 1/2 mags (2 16rd, 1 15rd, and a 10 rd). I normally keep the 16 and 15 rd mags loaded with SD ammo, and save the 10 rd for the range (or in case we see a hi-cap mag ban).

I used to have 2 speedloaders for my S&W model 19, and 2 speed strips for my S&W 642, but since I got rid of the 642, I guess I have 4 reloads for the revolver.

I only have 2 mags (1 6rd and 1 7rd)for my Kahr CM9, but have 2 7rd mags on order from my LGS.

On my other, small caliber weapons (32 ACP Tomcat/ CZ 70) I have 2 mags, and prob won't be getting any more.
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