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I have never personally owned a Taurus...........because family members bought some first, and after thier experiences, the thought of owning one never crossed my mind again.

My fathers 6 shot, blued snubbie in .38 special is typical of what I have seen with my own eyes in other family and friends Taurus firearms. He put about 50 rounds of .38 Specials (not +P) through it before it locked completely.......cylinder, hammer, trigger all frozen solid. Sent it back to For repair, and about 5 months later Taurus finally got around to looking at it, discovered the frame had been machined so far out of spec in thier factory, that they declared it wasn't safe to even fix it (which makes you wonder how it passed there QC to start with) and replaced it with a different model revolver without even consulting my father first.

New revolver gets about 200 rounds through it when the cylinder starts free spinning at random, and when it does actualy lock up, it's so far out of time, the firing pin is striking the rim of the cartridge.

Now he is stuck with another paperweight that isn't safe to shoot, he can't in good conscience sell to anyone knowing the problems it has, and to send and TRY and get repaired could take anywhere from a couple weeks to several months..........and may or may not be fixed when it comes back, or even be the same firearm.

If that is what the good quality Taurus guns are, I can do without them.
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