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Help me narrow down my IWB holster choice

I have a new-to-me S&W CS9 (a small metal 9mm auto) I need to get a good IWB holster for. I plan to wear it at (what is it, 4 o'clock?) right over my leather jeans patch, behind my hip bone.

My biggest criteria are safety, followed by conceal-ability (very important), and comfort.

I am leaning toward the ones with two clips, front and back, thinking that it would give extra stability as well as get the clips away from the body of the gun to decrease thickness. This Crossbreed Supertuck gets good reviews from users, and looks like it is well designed:

But I also like the idea of the 2 leather straps with snaps instead of the clip, just because I think they might be easier to fasten than the clips, which I always seem to have a bit of trouble with.

That Crossbreed also looks like a giant slab of leather. Does something like that get really hot and sweaty against bare skin, or just feel like a big appendage after a few hours?

Lastly, I tend to like the thumb-break strap for extra security. If I am not concerned about the extra fraction of a second necessary to unfasten it, is there another disadvantage to the thumb strap? The Crossbreed, and some other holsters I have looked at and liked don't have it, so it further narrows my choices.

I lean strongly toward good quality leather rather than plastic or fabric.

So let's hear about your recommendations and favorites for this type of gun and carry situation.

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