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Looking to jump into Black Powder

Hello All!

I have decided that I need to own and shoot at least one muzzle-loading firearm. This is part curiosity, part preparation(even though I cast and roll my own, ammo is becoming a little harder to manage), and part interest sparked by a video game

I've read up a little bit on BP shooting and watched some youtube videos to get an idea of what I need or will be looking for but I'm still a little in the dark about the where to start.

I know that I would prefer to start with a trapper style single shot pistol. Don't have a real preference on Percussion or Flint but since I have Zero experience with BP firearms I'm assuming percussion will be easier to deal with(I guess )

As you can see I'm not really sure what to look for so I would like to ask for some suggestions on where to start as far as a good beginners pistol would be. Would flint be easier or as easy as percussion caps? What starting equipment should I get to get off on the right foot? Any literature that you guys could suggest to help along the way?

I have a budget for around $400 but I would prefer to stay below $300 if at all possible.

As a side note, If I like the pistol I WILL eventually get a BP long gun. As with the pistol, I would prefer to stay with traditional looking/functioning rifle. Any suggestions on a good starter for rifle?

Thanks all I really do appreciate the help!
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