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Pretty good picture of your grip. That is also how I grip the gun. An LEO friend of mine who shoots a lot taught that grip to me. It does work well for me and the picture you posted is just about the best visual aid I have seen on the subject.
Not actually me in the photo but I agree it is a good visual reference on a proper thumbs forward grip. I teach this grip to everyone I take shooting, they are amazed at how much it helps with their shooting overall. It not only helps the gun naturally point but is great for recoil control.

perazzi, good thing the guy still has a hand. (Bogus picture)!!! But I guess someone may believe its true. haha
Not a bogus picture. Here is another case of where it happened with a 500 magnum. If you really want to see another thumb torn to bits then click away. The gasses that escape from the cylinder gap on large magnum revolvers is enough to cause this damage. I have done this once with a .357 and it burnt my thumb and embedded powder residue under the skin.
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