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Not sure you need to lube a 22 hornet for neck sizing. Brush the inside of the neck. I processed a couple thousand 22 Hornet cases and they can be a bit easy to crinkle when you first start sizing them. After a hundred or so you will get the hang of it and do fine. Hornady seater die is a nice unit. RCBS neck sizer die worked really good for me. I never could tell any difference between crimped or non crimped (using the Lee Factory Crimp). Remington 6 1/2 primers were gold for my gun. 40 gr. Vmax over 13 gr. Lil Gun produced about 2900 fps and sub MOA.

Case life was variable. Some cases could last 5 or six reloadings. After the initial FL sizing, never did anything but neck size. 22 Hornet is a sweet little caliber. Have fun!
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