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There is such a thing as ergonomically inferior design, and one size fits all, isn't.

For example, I consider the layout of the Playstation controller to be greatly inferior. In my opinion, the left analog and the dpad need to be switched, among other problems. Notice how the analog and dpad are switched on so many third party controllers. If I use the PS controller for more than a couple hours, my left hand cramps up and aches.

Similarly, the Glock doesn't fit me either. The difference is that it costs many hundred of dollars.

All this argument about "Try it till it works!" always strikes me as silly.

My size 13 hiking boots fit me great and I love them. Everybody else should love them too. What do you mean hiking boots aren't your style? Dress code? Stand up for yourself. Too big? That's wiggle room. It's actually one of the strongest features of the design. It gave you blisters and an ingrown toenail? Just adopt a tactical stance. Who said anything about liking sneakers better? All I know is that I love the hell out of my boots and that you are wrong. If you would just wear them for a couple months, you'd absolutely love them too.

Anyways, my point is why should I stick with something ill fitting that I hate it if I have a better experience THE VERY SECOND I switch to something else?

If you are 6'10", just maybe the Mazda Miata isn't the right car for you.
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