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Originally Posted by JimDandy
Edit: If someone who knows how wants to download it, and add the standard deviation stuff talked about earlier, they can PM me for my email address and I'll put that version back up.
I know how to use the Standard Deviation function -- I use it at work. But I have no idea how it can be used with respect to any of these data.

Standard deviation applies when you have a string of data points all measuring the same thing, and you want to see how much or how little variation there is within the string. Ammo chronograph readings are a perfect example. You shoot a string of ten or twenty rounds of the same ammo, and the chrony records each shot. It will then give you back the average velocity, the max and min velocities, the extreme spread, and the standard deviation.

The standard deviation is an indicator of how much or how little the overall string varies (deviates) from the average. Smaller standard deviation equates to better consistency.

To whoever proposed adding Standard Deviation here -- what do you want it applied to? There are no data here that are really susceptible to a standard deviation analysis.
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