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For coyote calling some form of rest is one of the best things to have. Especially if using hand calls. Allows you to keep the gun on your shoulder while hands free. That said shooting sticks can be bought or made that get the job done.

I keep a bipod on my calling gun. I like to keep my movement to a minimum and it makes it possible to not have to lift my gun. Also takes the need to sit awkwardly for the 10-30 minute stand holding the gun in the up position.

For about any other shooting I go prone off of a pack. Target range is on a pack on a bench. I try to practice how I shoot in the field as much as possible.

Edit to add. They do have a legitimate purpose other than tacticool, and I don't really see a tacticool need for them. The downside can be the extra weight, but if you can get a good rear rest as well it is about as steady as can be. I shot a bear using a Harris bipod on front and a rock rear. It was as steady a rest as one could ask for.

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