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Originally Posted by UncleGrumpy
My current belief in making a load is to try to get a bullet as close to the lands as possible
That may or may not work. Writing in the Precision Shooting Reloading Guide in 1995, Dan Hackett tells how one day in switching bullets for his 220 Swift, he turned the micrometer adjustment on his seating die the wrong way and wound up loading 20 round with the bullets seated 0.050" off the lands instead of 0.020" off the lands as he'd intended and had apparently simply been assuming, based on word of mouth, was best. To his astonishment, the rifle, which had never previously shot 5-shot groups under 3/8" at 100 yards, gave him two 1/4" groups and two bugholes in the low ones (0.1xx") with this "bad" ammo.

So you don't know until you try.

Also, a lot of folks report finding two seating depth sweet spots. One is usually out nearer the lands or touching them, while the second is often when the bullet bearing surface (the .224" portion in your case) is about one caliber into the neck. That's not a universal truth, but it's reported reasonably often.

Read item 3 on this old page.
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