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use with '000' buck and slugs.
Both 000 buck and slugs are totally useless in a .410 outside of just a few yards and especially on any game.
Careful there Doyle. Pfletch will argue till he's blue in the face defending the .410's capabilities.

As for the initial topic, I haven't shot a 42 but handled one in a store for a while. My initial impression was that it felt and looked like a toy (i.e. cheap). The sights did not impress me at all, and the ergonomics didn't seem great. With the crude sights, I don't think it would be a great .22, and with the short (20"), lightweight barrels, it didn't feel like it would handle well as a wingshooting shotgun.

I'd like to see a company try a combination gun weighing between 6.5 and 7 pounds with low profile aperture sights to improve aiming precision with the rifle/slugs and slightly longer barrels (24" maybe, which I think is what the older 24s had) to improve barrel movement on flying targets.

As for calibers, I'd like to see a .357/20 gauge (with choke tubes) option. .38 specials could be used on small game without blowing them up, 357's could be used on varmints/predators and smaller deer out to 100 yards or better. Slugs could take larger deer out to around 75 yards. And 20 gauge shot shells could drop anything from woodcock to turkey with the right choke and ammo. Of course, getting a gun to shoot all that to same POI probably couldn't happen.

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