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I've owned several Taurus handguns.

.44mag Tracker
.44mag Raging Bull

a few PT1911s



.17HMR Tracker


Millennium 45

Of all of those I had a broken extractor in the PT1911AR and the Millennium 45 kept failing to feed. The other guns functioned flawlessly and the only thing I could complain about some of them was a horribly gritty trigger pull.

I still have the PT1911AR - its no longer stock and I've replaced the extractor, firing pin, recoil spring and barrel bushing (not with Taurus parts - mostly Wilson Combat parts) but it is now functioning flawlessly and shoots extremely accurately.

Over all I've had good experiences with the company although their customer service is horrible. Would I buy another Taurus? Probably although I'd stick with their revolvers as they seem to be better in the way of QC and finish from my experience. Would I suggest Taurus for another person? Probably not since for the same or just a little more money better guns can be found ie. Ruger.
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