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Originally Posted by JimDandy
I suppose in theory if you're a proscribed person, and they can prove you knew it there might be something, especially at a state level..
It's a federal felony to use false ID, to buy a gun on someone else's behalf, or to lie on the Form 4473... When you sign it, you're certifying that you know all this -- it's spelled out right above the box where you sign: "I certify... I understand... I further understand..."

When it comes to prosecuting people, I suppose it's not always easy to prove that someone who wrongly answers "no" to any of the questions in Part A of the form did so knowingly. And then, prosecuting people costs money... and the courts and prisons are full-to-here with people on trial for or convicted of petty drug offenses... So there are plenty of reasons why there's not much incentive to pursue people who attempt to buy firearms unlawfully.
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