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We got an LC9 for the wife because she liked the feel of it so much more than anything else. She hated the recoil when she shot it. Now it just sits in the safe till I finally get around to putting some JHPs through it to test it for carry. I will decide at that point if it's a keeper or not.

Feelings so far on it, feels good in my hand, nice and thin for CCW, decent capacity, 9mm, inexpensive.
I don't like the mag disconnect or safety. The trigger pull is long and heavy enough it doesn't need a safety.
I'm betting that it ends up getting sold.

The Sig P290RS is looking good to me. Recently got a P238 and my eyes have been opened to Sig. Probably try to trade the LC9 and something or cash to get the P290.

As far as your list I would go with a single stack.
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