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I think that really fell on you to be responsible and test every pistol you own and carry for functionality and reliability before you decide to carry it. Carrying a pistol, wheather is an expensive or cheap handgun, needs to be fully tested to your own standards of reliability and comfort before you carry it. Anything else can cost you your life.

Take it as a lesson learned I guess. Anytime I buy a new pistol, whether its a Glock or Taurus, I take it apart, clean/lube it, inspect the parts and mags, and take it to at least one range outing to test its function and reliability.

When I buy Glock's and M&P's, they usually prove to be pretty reliable out of the box. I also had a Taurus 709 and 740 that were also very reliable. Then I had a new PF9 that was problematic out of the box, so I had to test that pistol thoroughly before I carried it (decided to sell it later on anyway).
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