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Found old Hornady data

From Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading, 4th Edition.

For .308 Winchester cartridge and IMR 3031 powder under 4 different Hornady 150 grain bullets, using Federal 210 primers in Hornady cases, with velocities from a Wincheter Model 70 rifle with a 22" barrel, 1-in-12" twist:

36.3 grains gives 2400 fps
37.9 grains gives 2500 fps
39.6 grains gives 2600 fps
41.2 grains gives 2700 fps and is max load

The overall cartridge lengths vried with the bullets, and were as follows:

#3031 SP col = 2.750"
#3033 BTSP col = 2.756"
#3035 RN col = 2.520"
#3037 FMJ col = 2.777"

That max load is substantially less than the max load listed in the Nosler manual for Nosler bullets. That is a surprise to me, since my experience is that Hornady bullets can usually use a little more powder than Noslers, all other things being equal. The data in the 4th edition is copyrighted 1991.

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