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I'd also vote for the 10mm here, if the threat are wolves. Follow-up shots are a lot quicker and magazines hold quite a bit. The .460 Rowland is probably overkill for what the poster wants to do and doesn't seem to fit the situation.

On the other hand, if I want the most powerful ammo, then I'll reach for a .44 magnum revolver (or better) for it's absolute reliability. Follow-up shots will be slow due to recoil with any handgun in this class, so I'm unlikely to fire more than a few shots. Magazine capacity (the .460 Rowland doesn't hold many rounds, anyway) and fast reload of an auto take a backseat to the versatility and reliability of the revolver when all I'm likely to fire are 3 or 4 shots. As a bonus, there is no safety to manipulate on a DA revolver.

As for the 10mm, I've never overstated it's power, it's at or above the .357 magnum with greater magazine capacity. Seems well matched for an animal the size of a Wolf.

If you're a 1911 fan, then would a .38 Super work, as well? Maybe with 147 grain bullets. Not quite as powerful as the 10mm or the .45, but a few extra rounds and excellent penetration.
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