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Orders are in and fingers crossed.

My local gun shop, where I bought two of my guns and know the owner, says it may be 6 months before the three models I requested are available. He is looking for a new or used Ruger 10-22 and can trick it up with scope, right sized stock, etc. That may or may not work out.

Another small sporting goods store says they randomly get the three models asked for in the store but they are sold the same day. They have my name and will call me and hold it until I can get there. I ordered any one of these three-
- Ruger 10-22 (carbine, target or any)
- Ruger SR-22
- S+W M+P 15-22

Whatever they get in the store, from whichever store gets it first, I will buy. All three seem to be good choices for marksmanship work. I will continue to check Craigslist local listings as was suggested.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I think I will look for shotgun shells this week since there are still some on the shelves.
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