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Self made suppressor question..

Ok so me and my cousin were just shooting the breeze and came into suppressors.. And how we would make one and what rifles would be best used for...

Then we got onto how they are made and different designed and make shift ones...

Pretty much I know making one you need all paperwork tax stamp and have it approved yatta yatta.. But he had something I couldn't fully argue with not actually knowing my self...

He said that the water bottle suppressors and oil can suppressors are exempt because technically they aren't a suppresser this being like shooting through a pillow sweater ect as long as its not hard parts and serves a different function and not a detected suppresser its a grey area from the law... Reason why the bow to and youtube videos showing are legal..

I'm really curious I doubt it but what would be the actual ruling on that... Because technically a cloth/water bottle or oil filter would be hard to prove and find to say THAT'S A SUPPRESSER!!!

But again I doubt its that easy... So what say you guys.. I'm really curious what would crush that theory..
Bullet placement over bullet wastement

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