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Top Break H & R in my future?


I've gotten a wild hair to pick up a nice top-break revolver. I've done some scouring of the 'net and found many examples of fine-working revolvers that have some wear or pitting.

I really dig the longer barrels and I'd like to get it in 32 or 38 caliber. I've looked at the Uberti guns ($$$) and then I found this one on GB.

I've purchased guns on a whim before and I've been lucky a few times. But, I'd much rather make an informed decision before I jump in with both feet. The fact that these guns are over 100 years old means that they most likely aren't going to rust away before I can find one that suits me.

I'm welcoming any and all info (about this one or what to look for) so that when the time comes, I'll feel more confident in the purchase, having both eyes open.

The cost of this one is higher than many of the others. Is it a "rare" gun as noted? Like I said, I like the longer barrel and, I like the exposed hammer. The gun won't be a CCW or shot often, but it will be required to shoot. I do like a nice looking gun as well.

thanks for any help and direction/websites that may help me in making an INFORMED decision.
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