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Originally Posted by Webleymkv
I suspect that they might be realizing that they over reached in their initial calls for gun control. If the anti's had delivered a consistent message that they wanted universal background checks and nothing else from the get-go, they might be in a more advantageous position now. Fortunately, they shot for the moon right off the bat and tipped their hand a bit too far. In trying to "strike while the iron was hot," I think some of them may have been just a little too honest about their intentions and shown that their "common sense" gun control wasn't so reasonable after all.
I agree, although I don't know that they see what they did as overreached. I think they are seeing much more intense opposition than they expected to new bans and magazine limits, but I wonder if they'll chalk that up to the evil NRA and gun makers than to just being out of touch with the desires of the people.

I do think they really overplayed their hand, and Feinstein and NY's SAFE act probably did more damage to their attempts at getting new federal laws passed than they originally thought. It's hard to say the other side won't compromise in an effort to score a 10 round limit and AWB, and all the while have others pushing hard to take their existing 10 round limit down to 7 and make the AWB ever more restrictive. That just ends up showing your side to be incrementalists, not a group seeking a livable middle ground.

Sure, they weren't all on the same page, but that's probably more a reflection of where their strategy is strongest. They depend on strong emotional reactions, and the result is they have to move with great immediacy when emotions run hot. Any time spent getting a solid strategy across all the groups is time wasted in front of the cameras when it's breaking news. Our side had the advantage of letting emotions cool down and then coming in with more reasoned arguments. The reason NY passed their lousy law so fast (and now have to fix it) is because the iron was cooling off quickly, requiring them to have to strike fast and hard. That makes for bad law.

The more time passed, the more people realized we didn't want this encroachment on our freedom. Thankfully, the people spoke up and the legislators listened.
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