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I’ve owned a Taurus 617 2 ½”, (a clone of the S&W 681) about three years now. During this time I’ve put 2,500 rounds of assorted 38 special +P, +P+, and .357 magnum ammo though it, and it’s still working just fine. It’s as accurate as I am in both double and single action.

The only problem I had was after sitting untouched for almost a year the factory lube froze up and came close to locking the damn thing up. Pulled the side plate gave it a good cleaning and re lubed and it’s now working just fine.
Apparently Taurus makes quality components but their final assembly, fit, and Q.C. department is lacking

Taurus makes two different styles of handguns. One type is a decent value serviceable weapon that will normal care give years of service. The second type is one that may never function properly no matter how many trips it gets back to the factory service center.

I will happily keep the one Taurus I have, but I will not gamble with another.
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